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Final Countdown: Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium 2017!

The fourth Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS) is officially less than one month away!

The conference schedule is live and filled with dynamic speakers from forward-thinking hospitals and health systems across the country joining us for this year’s ATLAS. The program is filled with presentations and panels centered around our theme—Patient Access in Focus: Staying Ahead in a Shifting Landscape. Here are a few schedule highlights:

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What to Expect at ATLAS 2017 - Top 5 Reasons to Register Now

The Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS) is a conference for healthcare executives and thought leaders to meet and exchange best practices on improving the patient experience. Through engaging presentations, panels, and networking events, attendees have the opportunity to gain powerful insights to take back to their organizations about enhancing patient access, care coordination, provider network management, digital engagement, and more.

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Mission-Driven for the Patient Experience: Observing from the Tech Side

As I sit at our NewCo Boston event in a room with almost 30 people, everyone is nodding their head as Julie Yoo, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Kyruus, speaks about how Kyruus was started. It’s in this moment that it dawns on me...we’re all patients. Regardless of where we come from, what our life experiences have been, or what industry we work in, we have all experienced the issues Julie is speaking of in one way or another. We have all experienced the “patient access paradox,” where patients are being told to wait weeks, if not months, before they can see a physician, despite hospitals and health systems commonly operating at only 60-70% capacity. Even more so, in 25% of cases patients end up being misdirected to the wrong provider, leading to waste and delays in care.

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