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ATLAS Conference Takeaways: Actionable Ways to Enhance Patient Access in 2017


Last week we welcomed over 100 hospital and health system leaders to the 2016 Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS) focused on “Reinventing the Patient Experience Through Better Access.”  A rich day and a half of dialogue and best practice-sharing covered key topics such as boosting digital consumer engagement, improving access center operations, instituting provider data governance, and addressing patient access across channels.

The top takeaways from the array of insightful panels and presentations include:

1. Look at your data as an asset
Healthcare lags far behind other industries when it comes to leveraging the wealth of data contained in their IT systems.  Speakers shared a variety of novel initiatives, such as offering modern online appointment scheduling, that wouldn’t be possible without first having accurate provider information.

2. Find novel ways to increase productivity
While other industries lost headcount during the recession, healthcare actually added more jobs. While job growth is certainly a positive, there are currently on average 16 non-physician FTEs for every one physician FTE.  Health systems must find new solutions to increase organizational efficiency.

3. Embrace digital consumer engagement as a key to growth
Enhancing your organization’s digital presence presents new growth opportunities, supports ongoing patient engagement, and provides a degree of protection against disruption. Aaron Martin, Chief Digital Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, drew from his experience at Amazon where a 10x better consumer experience was required in order to change behavior.  Investing in your own website is crucial to maintaining your patient relationships and preventing web traffic diverting to external marketplaces.

4. Prioritize fewer pilots when it comes to technology
With so much innovation in health IT, it can be easy to feel like you need to try every new solution for enhancing the patient experience.  However, Bob Kocher, partner at Venrock, delivered a powerful “less is more” message, encouraging ATLAS attendees to focus on driving a few key technology initiatives and executing them well.

5. Feel inspired - patient access is at an inflection point
ATLAS attendees represented a wide range of geographies and types of organizations. Regardless of how the industry evolves in the face of a changing political climate, all were in agreement that patient access remains critical to patient care and experience.  Making patient access a strategic priority is important, regardless of whether organizations operate in a fee-for-service or value-based environment.

These are just some of the highlights from the playbook that ATLAS attendees are bringing back to their organizations. We are already planning ATLAS 2017 and look forward to seeing you there with insights on how you advanced patient access in 2017!

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