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Blog Series: ATLAS 2018 Breakout Track—Driving Your Health System's Digital Transformation


Tell us about the track you’re leading at ATLAS:

The Driving Your Health System’s Digital Transformation track at this year’s ATLAS focuses on a topic that has been defined as the “use of technology to radically change the performance or reach of an enterprise,” per the widely recognized definition of MIT Sloan professor George Westerman. We will be covering topics ranging from how to introduce digital transformation initiatives into your organization, to physician engagement in the context of said initiatives, along with real narratives from leaders who have taken digital transformation journeys at their respective organizations.

How does this track relate to this year’s theme of systemness?

Upon hearing the adjective “digital” applied to a given initiative, many people assume it only applies to online self-service web and mobile apps that are consumer-facing. This is an overly narrow point of view—digital technologies have equal parts opportunity to transform the online experience as the offline experience, as evidenced in other industries such as travel (think airline code sharing, digital boarding passes and Uber), delivery services (e.g. real-time notifications on the status of your Instacart courier), and retail (e.g. loyalty programs that personalize the recommendations made to you by in-store assistants). Given this definition, health systems must accept that digital transformation applies to all points of interaction with their customers—patients, physicians, and partner organizations—whether it be online, via phone, or in-person. As such, this track will take a holistic view to show how digital technologies can enable systemness through consistent, intelligent, and efficient experiences that unify all online and offline customer touch points.

What’s another trend you are watching closely in healthcare?

Having spent the first part of my career in e-commerce, I continue to track the convergence of the dimensions of access, cost, and quality in healthcare that are beginning to align in the same way that those dimensions came together in retail. The fact that more and more of the financial risk of healthcare is being borne by consumers is driving demand into transparency, not just on price, but also on what kind of service and outcome I will get (quality), and when I can expect to get it (access). This is driving a slow but sure cultural change across the industry that will result in consolidation, standardization, and publication of more data, improvements in convenience, and reduction in costs through automation of services using technology—the perfect opportunity for the application of the principles of digital transformation.

What are you most looking forward to at ATLAS?

This will be the event’s fifth year of existence, and I will look forward to celebrating the fact that we have grown this event from a modest, 1-day gathering of about 40 friends of Kyruus, into an industry-leading, 3-day gathering of hundreds of the most prominent names in the health system arena.

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