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And The Grades Are In!

Last week the American Medical School Association released it’s annual PharmFree Scorecard rating academic medical centers and medical schools. The scorecard provides a letter grade to 152 participating organizations by assessing 11 areas of potential conflict. This is the fifth year the scorecard has been released and uses a methodology developed in conjunction with the Pew Prescription Project.

 So how are the grades?

Overall, the institutions surveyed are making progress on conflicts but the results show significant room for improvement. Of the letter grades – 33% of institutions received below a “C” with only 18% receiving what the AMSA considers an “A”. I like the graph shown below as it demonstrates the considerable effort the AMSA puts into not only compiling this important data but also in summarizing it and making it accessible to others.

Keep up the good work AMSA!

Source AMSA







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