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A Consumer-First Approach to Bringing Provider Data Online

Gove_Travis.pngConsumers are ready for online scheduling. A huge barrier is that health systems struggle to consolidate complex healthcare data sources, administrative workflows, and appointment types into a consumer-friendly online experience.

We caught up with Matt Gove, Chief Consumer Officer for Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta, GA, at HIMSS this year to talk about bringing a modern patient experience to healthcare consumers. Matt says it’s not about whether health systems are ready for online consumerism because, “your customers are ready.” As part of the Piedmont Way -- their framework for creating a differentiated consumer experience -- delivering online scheduling was a critical piece to making their healthcare services accessible to today’s consumers. The challenge? Creating consumer-friendly appointment types from the dozens of confusing appointment types in underlying scheduling systems. The effort was well worth it, however: Matt states that 50% of their appointment volume in retail clinics are now booked online.

The need for health systems to put consumers at the forefront of their data consolidation efforts extends far beyond scheduling. Matt spoke with Kyruus about the importance of accurate provider data to help consumers make informed decisions. As he points out, the first step to offering online scheduling is to centralize provider data from across the health system to create a single source of access, which makes it easier to engage providers in making a directory accurate and robust, and to work with them as champions for online scheduling initiatives.

Hear more about how Piedmont is taking a consumer-first approach to bringing provider information online in this podcast with the #HCBiz show here.

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