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In 2014, three Michigan health systems, Beaumont, Oakwood, and Botsford, joined together under the Beaumont name to form the largest health system in the state with the goal of providing greater access to care for patients. In support of this goal, Beaumont needed to create a consistent, integrated brand and build network awareness for all of its providers. Beaumont also faced the challenges of consolidating its various entry points—access centers and websites—to simplify the patient journey and enhance access.

Cover of Beaumont Case Study

In this case study, learn how Beaumont created a single, centralized provider directory and simplified patient access, to achieve:

  • A consistent, modern patient experience across its online & offline entry points
  • An increase in scheduled appointments by 59% over a 12-month period
  • A 23% increase in traffic to their online Find-a-Provider over a 12-month period


“Kyruus enabled us to create a modern online experience with a universal search bar and robust filters that consumers are familiar with from other industries. This has been critical to attracting new patients and engaging with our existing patient community.”

- Dave Stanis, Director, Digital Marketing

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