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About Us

Kyruus is the industry leader in provider search, scheduling, and provider data management solutions for health systems, dedicated to its mission to make healthcare work better for everyone by connecting people to the care they need. Physician-founded and led, we recognized in 2010 that a systemic misalignment of supply and demand in healthcare was causing people to wait too long for appointments and too often end up with the wrong providers. Inspired by the Moneyball concept in baseball, we formed Kyruus to deliver a better, data-driven approach to patient-provider matching and scheduling – creating a new healthcare IT category, patient access, in the process. 

Today, Kyruus powers the patient access and digital innovation initiatives of many of the country’s top healthcare organizations, transforming how patients navigate care through our enterprise-wide platform. Our solutions connect people to 300,000 providers at more than 65 leading health systems nationwide, helping people find and schedule the right care based on their unique needs and preferences. Delivering a customer experience that's second to none and led by an executive team with extensive health IT and clinical experience, the Kyruus team is dedicated to our customers, to each other, and to fundamentally transforming how patients access care.

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At Kyruus, We Believe:

Where does the name Kyruus come from?

The name "Kyruus" (\ki-rus\) has its roots in the word "chiral" (\'ki-rel\) from chemistry, which describes an object or form that can’t be superimposed on its own mirror image, such as a hand. Here at Kyruus, we focus on putting patients “in the hands" of healthcare providers uniquely suited to care for them – matching patients and providers like a right and left hand coming together.

Industry Recognition

Timmy Award 2019
50 on Fire 2019 Award
CBInsights Digital Health 150 Award 2019
Built In 2019 Award - Best Places to Work in Boston
Bostons Best and Brightest Award 2020
MedTech Breakthrough Award 2020
Boston Business Journal Best Places to Work Award 2020
eHealthcare Leadership Award 2020
Boston Globe Top Places to Work Award 2020
Tech Tribune Best Tech Startup Award 2021