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About Us 

In medicine, we have long recognized that wide disparities exist amongst physician practice styles, and that these differences correlate significantly with the cost and quality of healthcare. 

But too often, we have concluded that if we could simply standardize medical care and make every doctor look and practice the same way, that we would have a better healthcare system.

What if we could understand, measure, and embrace the heterogeneity? What if we could understand “outlier” status and match physicians to the patients and conditions that they managed best? What if we could optimize the way a team of physicians performed together to care for a population of people?

Kyruus was founded by a team of physicians and technologists who saw an opportunity to leverage Big Data to better measure the variation across physician practice styles, and then develop solutions to help maximize the value of every physician in the context of healthcare delivery networks.

The name "Kyruus" (\ki-rus\) is derived from the word "chiral" (\'ki-rel\), which describes an object or form (e.g., a hand) that cannot be superimposed on its own mirror image. We think of the hand(s) as those of providers - clinicians who leverage their skill and expertise to care for the patients they serve. At Kyruus, our mission is to put patients in the "hands" of the providers uniquely suited to care for them - matching patients and providers like a right and left hand coming together. Because the relationship between patient and provider can extend over a life-time, we added two letter "u's” to represent the "continuum” of healthcare delivery. Our solutions embody these commitments - helping to match patients to the right provider and enabling healthcare systems to coordinate care delivery across their provider networks.

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