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Kyruus is the industry leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems. Physician-founded and led, we recognized in 2010 that a systemic misalignment of supply and demand was causing patients to wait unnecessarily long for appointments and too often end up with the wrong providers. Inspired by the Moneyball concept in baseball, we formed Kyruus to enable a better, data-driven approach to patient-provider matching – creating an entirely new health IT category, patient access, in the process. 

Today, we partner with the country’s leading health systems to transform how patients access care – combining a powerful enterprise platform with a proven customer experience that is second to none. Our multi-channel SaaS platform serves more than 300,000 providers at more than 550 hospitals – including 60+ of the nation’s top health systems – and helps patients find and schedule with the right providers across key points of access. Led by an executive team with extensive experience in health IT and patient care, the Kyruus team is dedicated to our customers, to each other, and to helping ensure that every patient has access to the right care.

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At Kyruus, We Believe:

Healthcare is

Patients should have the self-service options they enjoy in other industries, but routing to the right care is different than routing to the right flight; patient-provider matching is at our core.

Health systems should own the patient relationship

We take a behind the scenes approach with our solutions so health systems keep their brands front and center and patients avoid a potentially disjointed experience.

Better patient access starts with better provider data

A comprehensive, accurate provider directory is the foundation for any successful patient access strategy; precise patient-matching relies on detailed provider network insight.

Transformation requires a multi-channel approach

Patients don’t just interact with one access point, such as an organization's website or call center, so health systems need to integrate access enterprise-wide for a consistent patient experience.

Patient-provider matching is a two-way street

As provider burnout remains pervasive, helping providers see patients well-aligned with their clinical expertise and areas of focus can play a meaningful role in fostering satisfaction.

We’ll have a bigger impact if we don’t go it alone

We know that we’ll achieve more, faster by partnering with other companies with best-of-breed solutions and serving as the foundation of a health system's integrated digital stack.

Where does the name Kyruus come from?

The name "Kyruus" (\ki-rus\) has its roots in the word "chiral" (\'ki-rel\) from chemistry, which describes an object or form that can’t be superimposed on its own mirror image, such as a hand. Here at Kyruus, we focus on putting patients “in the hands" of healthcare providers uniquely suited to care for them – matching patients and providers like a right and left hand coming together.

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