Our fourth annual patient access survey of 1,000 people shows that the pandemic has only accelerated consumer demand for convenient access online to both in-person and virtual care options. As the patient journey continues to evolve, the findings also suggest that opportunities exist for healthcare organizations to stand out by not only expanding their care offerings, but also delivering a more connected, consumer-friendly experience across access channels.

2020 Patient Access Journey Report

Key findings include:

  • 57% of consumers go online when searching for a new provider, with close to half visiting a health system website in the process
  • 40% say that virtual care access is now a highly important factor when selecting a provider–half of millennials and Gen Xers would switch for this
  • While 48% prefer to schedule appointments by phone, 43% now prefer to book online - a share that continues to rise each year

For more insights on what drives consumers’ healthcare decisions and how their decision criteria is changing, download the full report.

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