We help hospital systems solve the Patient Access Paradox.

Long appointment wait times. Under-utilized provider capacity. Providers complaining about not being able to practice at the tops of their license. Inconsistent patient experience across access channels.

These are the pains that ail hospital systems across the country, which Kyruus' solutions are designed to solve.

Kyruus seeks to get every patient to the right provider the first time, to solve for the crippling supply-demand mismatch problem that ails our health care system today. Every year, nearly 20 million patients are matched to an inappropriate provider based on their clinical needs, insurance coverage, convenience to the patient, or even their personal preferences, leading to billions of dollars in wasted spend, delays in care, and massive frustration and demotivation on the part of both patients and physicians.

Kyruus’ technology platform is designed from the ground up to serve as the operating system for patient-provider matching for large, distributed hospital and health care delivery systems.  Our solutions deliver the following outcomes:

  • Improved referral precision and quality
  • Higher provider engagement and satisfaction 
  • Scalability of patient access programs
  • Differentiated and consistent user experience across all access points
  • Novel supply and demand analytics

Our Solutions:

Patient Access – Demand Conversion and Capacity Optimization for Contact Centers

Patient Engagement - Consumer-Facing Provider Search & Scheduling Programs

Patient Retention - Point-of-Service Programs for Referring Providers and Discharges

Provider Data Management – Big Data Provider Data Management, Reconciliation, and Enrichment