Provider Data Management and Enrichment

High-quality patient access relies on consistent and accurate data on who your providers are and what they do, across all points of service. 

With the proliferation of different patient access channels – such as consumer websites, call centers, referring physician offices, and retail clinics – maintaining a consistent and accurate view of an entire distributed provider network has become an untenable proposition for most organizations.

Furthermore, patients are demanding a higher-quality, consistent experience as consumers of healthcare services, regardless of which entry point they take into a given hospital system.

The KyruusOne Provider Data Management Platform enables organizations to integrate and enrich their provider-centric data using information extracted and merged from multiple, dynamic, heterogeneous data sources.  The functional components of KyruusOne include the following:

  • Data Acquisition & Transformation System – data source adapters, and parsing and transformation utilities for crawling, ingesting, and cleansing provider-centric profile data from multiple web-based sources, text-based files, or enterprise information systems.
  • Benchmark Profiles Database – a library of pre-populated profiles for all licensed physicians in the U.S., including canonicalized taxonomies for metadata management.
  • Kyruus Clinical Library – a 3-tier specialty taxonomy and clinical lexicon for defining the scopes of practice of all provider types.
  • Profile Disambiguation Engine – entity resolution system for merging data together into unified profiles, reliably, and from multiple sources; profiles can be enriched with data from the Benchmark Profiles Database.

The contents of KyruusOne are indexed into the ProviderMatch Smart Search Engine and made available for configuration and real-time search via the ProviderMatch suite of applications.


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