Kyruus ProviderMatch™

Redefining How Patients Get Matched to The Right Providers.

The Kyruus ProviderMatch suite of products leverages data-driven “Smart Search” engine technology to ensure that patients are matched to the right providers across all points of service. 

ProviderMatch helps health systems improve yield from their Patient Access & Referral Management programs, and generate high-quality, actionable patient encounters across their entire provider network. It provides referring physicians, schedulers, and referral coordinators with tools to find and connect patients with clinically appropriate, in-network, and available providers. The platform results in maximum provider productivity, reduction in misdirected referrals, and high patient and provider satisfaction.

ProviderMatch Enterprise allows hospital system schedulers, referral coordinators, and providers to access the system via a private portal that is optimized for specific access channels, including:

  • Access / scheduling call centers
  • Point-of-checkout in referring provider offices and other ambulatory care settings
  • Point-of-discharge from inpatient setting

ProviderMatch Consumer is a white-label solution for powering patient- and consumer- facing web and mobile applications. 

ProviderMatch API enables developer teams to build custom search and scheduling applications for enterprise-wide use.


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